Friday, November 26, 2010

Fugly Horse of the Day – Why I Love the Fugly Horse Blog!

I stumbled on the Fugly Blog a few years ago. Love it or hate it the blog has great information on the dark side of our horse world. I personally love her honesty and writing style. I’m a sucker for snarky!

Like most horse owners I love all breeds but am only educated on the breeds I have personally owned. I have learned about so many abuses in the different horse industries from the Fugly blog. The blog does not pick on any one breed, but anyone that abuses horses is fair game.
Her posts on faux rescues have educated me on how a good rescue operates. I am amazed how many crazy people there are in this world, the abuse stories bring tears to my eyes. My favorite posts are the crazy for sale ads. Who needs reality TV with Bad Parent Du Jour?
The blog is not fully appreciated without reading the comments. The blog audience is very diverse and I really enjoy the different opinions from around the world.
Reading the Fugly blog is my guilty pleasure. It is better than a soap opera. You have humor, drama , and sex; what more can you ask for in a horse blog? It is as entertaining as it is educational and I highly recommend it to my horse loving friends.
And just for fun here is an adorable pony video I found on the blog.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Horse Trader Patricia Wilson Gets Shut Down By Texas Attorney General

Patricia Wilson's Mugshot
Horse traders beware! States are finally going after scam artists that rip off unsuspecting buyers. If you haven't heard of the Patricia Wilson story do a Google search and you find pages of complaints. Here is the link to the story. 

The story of Patricia Wilson is not new and she is not alone in scamming buyers. The internet is a great place to shop but buying a horse online is asking for trouble. There are so many ways for an internet deal to go wrong. The most common complaints I hear are buyers not getting what they expected. I would never buy a kid's horse without riding the horse myself. I would say 80% of the ads I see for gentle, kid safe horses are either clueless sellers or scams. I can't even count the number of ads I see where someone claims to have a horse perfect for a kid or beginner and the horse is either green broke or a young horse. Never will a green horse be safe for a child or beginner. A horse under 5 is not suitable for either situation. Only an older, been there done that, horse should ever be marketed for beginners. You get what you pay for and a reliable horse is not going to be under $1000 unless it has some kind of health problem. 

Do your homework people. A simple Google search will help find out if you are dealing with a shady dealer. And please find an experienced person to help you.

And thank you Texas for going after the bad sellers. Patricia Wilson is just the beginning. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Conroe woman worries for missing horse

Conroe woman worries for missing horse

The Ehrman family of Conroe is seeking help in locating Midnight Thunder, a 17-year-old quarter horse missing since February.

By Brad Meyer
Updated: 05.09.10
When the agent commissioned to sell a pair of horses didn’t pony up the cash and couldn’t say where the animals were, a Conroe woman launched a campaign to track them down.

While one has been found, Victoria Ehrman is still looking for Midnight Thunder, a 17-year-old quarter horse with a white star snip on his face and speckles on the front of his legs. The retired racehorse supposedly sold in February is missing and she fears foul play.

“Not getting paid is the least of our worries,” said Ehrman. “I am very concerned the horse might be abused or mistreated.”

When her daughters, ages 14 and 16, began to lose interest in the family’s horses, Ehrman said the decision was to find the animals a new home where they would be appreciated and exercised daily.

“They were wonderful horses with a great disposition,” she said. “Midnight Thunder loved peppermints, mangos and watermelon, he’d even sing for his feed.”

Ehrman said they commissioned in the Cleburne area to sell the horses. The horses were picked up in Conroe in December and sold in February, she said.

“We got suspicious when we didn’t get paid,” she said. “And no one could give us a straight answer about where the horses were.”

Ehrman said she discovered the company that took the horses operates under several different names. When the owner was contacted, she said she was told dishonest employees had sold the horses and stolen the money.

Indeed, the website for states the “north Texas facility is closed due too (sic) incompetent employees and advises past clients to contact the company with details of any problems they have.”

While Akidhorse is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, Texas Horse, at, includes the same phone number as Akidhorse. Texas Horse is rated “F” by the BBB for reasons that include Texas Horse’s failure to respond to complaints, and the BBB’s lack of sufficient background information on the business.

Ehrman was able to track down one of her horses to a facility in north Texas, but the fate of Midnight Thunder is still unknown. She was told he was sold to an Australian man in Cedar Hill for $1,100, but has been unable to verify the sale or the identity of the buyer – if he exists.

“My biggest concern is I’ve heard many of the horses that were sold have not been fed for weeks,” she said. “We just want to make sure Midnight Thunder is being taken care of.”

Robbie Jones, owner of Akidhorse, said the two women he hired to operate his horse sales operation in the north Texas town of Godley, allegedly defrauded the company and sellers by failing to fill out paperwork and pocketing the money for horses sold.

Jones said he has filed suit against the two women and is attempting to locate information on transactions that occurred during their employment. A notice on his website asks recent purchasers to contact him so he can document their sale. Several complaints about the women are also are allegedly listed on

“This has been a disaster for all concerned,” Jones said. “I feel bad for the Ehrmans and am doing everything I can to rectify the situation.”

Documenting the location of the horse and his well being continues to be a challenge. Ehrman said she just wants to know that Midnight Thunder is being fed and cared for in a good environment.

“It’s just so frustrating,” said Ehrman. “We tried to do something good for the horses and we are afraid we might have made them worse.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Victoria Ehrman at or at (713) 419-1789.

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